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Testes de fevereiro, 2012

Fevereiro 1What is the purpose of an access control list (ACL)?
Fevereiro 2A web address that describes the page content is called what?
Fevereiro 3What is the standard name of the folder digital cameras use to store photos?
Fevereiro 4Which of the following statements about vector graphics is false?
Fevereiro 5What are files that are downloaded from multiple servers at once called?
Fevereiro 6MMS is an extension of what communications service?
Fevereiro 7What type of data does the ASCII standard define?
Fevereiro 8Which of the following is another name for the binary system?
Fevereiro 9Website advertisements that are 728x90 pixels in size are also called what?
Fevereiro 10In what section of a Facebook profile can friends post public comments?
Fevereiro 11A graphics chip that is integrated into a motherboard is also called what?
Fevereiro 12What is the primary characteristic of a retina display?
Fevereiro 13Which of the following programs is considered a word processor?
Fevereiro 14NTFS is a file system used by which operating system?
Fevereiro 15What technology enables location-based satellite navigation?
Fevereiro 16Which of the following statements about the PDF format is not true?
Fevereiro 17Which of the following components can be set up in a RAID configuration?
Fevereiro 18802.11g and 802.11n are what type of standards?
Fevereiro 19Which of the following describes the architecture of an integrated circuit?
Fevereiro 20The styles used to format web pages are also called what?
Fevereiro 21What type of computer includes a system unit?
Fevereiro 22Which of the following keys is not a modifier key?
Fevereiro 23The POP3 protocol is used for what Internet service?
Fevereiro 24Which of the following best describes an image that uses lossy compression?
Fevereiro 25What is the most common target of denial of service attacks?
Fevereiro 26Which Wi-Fi standard supports the fastest data transfer rate?
Fevereiro 27Which of the following is another name for a folder?
Fevereiro 28Eliminating errors from a program is also called what?
Fevereiro 29Which of the following best describes what an interpreter does?