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Testes de abril, 2012

Abril 1Which of the following companies is well-known for its April Fool's hoaxes?
Abril 2Which of the following best describes a clean install?
Abril 3What is the aspect ratio of the HDTV standard?
Abril 4What is CAD software used for?
Abril 5Which of the following best describes a deprecated element?
Abril 6What word does Internet Explorer use to refer to webpage bookmarks?
Abril 7What system is specificaly used to manage multiple versions of programs and files?
Abril 8What does the "Print Screen" button do on modern Windows computers?
Abril 9How many pixels are in a megapixel?
Abril 10What type of hardware devices support TWIAN drivers?
Abril 11What is the name of the suffix at the end of a filename?
Abril 12What type of device can be connected to a DVI interface?
Abril 13Distributing bandwidth evenly throughout a network is also called what?
Abril 14A group of storage devices accessible over a network is called a what?
Abril 15Each request made to a web server is also called a what?
Abril 16What is the primary input device of a tablet?
Abril 17The process of adding a new program to your computer is also called what?
Abril 18Android is a mobile OS developed by what company?
Abril 19Which of the following statements about SSDs is not true?
Abril 20What language are webpages written in?
Abril 21VDU is a technical name for what type of device?
Abril 22What activity does a "traceroute" utility monitor?
Abril 23Individual letters, numbers, and symbols are also called what?
Abril 24Which of the following online servies uses the slogan, "Broacast Yourself?"
Abril 25Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is commonly used in what industry?
Abril 26Which of the following programs is not included in all editions of MS Office?
Abril 27A "shell" is a short name for what type of user interface?
Abril 28A calculation performed on one or more variables is also called what?
Abril 29What is the function of the address resolution protocol (ARP)?
Abril 30"Storage capacity" is often used synonymously with what term?