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Testes de fevereiro, 2014

Fevereiro 1Which of the following is most similar to a word processor?
Fevereiro 2Where is the copyright information located on most webpages?
Fevereiro 3Which of the following statements best describes a leaderboard?
Fevereiro 4What is another name for an aid used to memorize information?
Fevereiro 5Which of the following programs is not an Apple product?
Fevereiro 6How many bits are in a kilobyte?
Fevereiro 7What is firmware used to update?
Fevereiro 8Which of the following is a type of URI?
Fevereiro 9What company developed the Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP)?
Fevereiro 10What is the literal meaning of the word "monochrome?"
Fevereiro 11Which of the following interfaces is not used to connect external hard drives
Fevereiro 12A computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse, are collectively called what?
Fevereiro 13Processor speeds in modern computers are measured in what?
Fevereiro 14What operating system uses a "registry" to store system settings?
Fevereiro 15The Internet is the largest type of what?
Fevereiro 16What type of key is Caps Lock?
Fevereiro 17What type of software might display a "buddy list?"
Fevereiro 18What is the study of how humans interact with manmade objects called?
Fevereiro 19What is sending data to another computer system called?
Fevereiro 20What word can be used synonymously with "folder?"
Fevereiro 21When you visit a domain name with no path, what page is displayed?
Fevereiro 22What type of data does an EPS file contain?
Fevereiro 23What is a person who posts offensive comments online called?
Fevereiro 24The term "podcasting" evolved from what word?
Fevereiro 25What is another name for a bitmap image?
Fevereiro 26Which of the following is not a storage device?
Fevereiro 27Which of the following search engines is also a web portal?
Fevereiro 28What function does a keylogger perform?