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Quizzes from December, 2015

Dezembro 1What type of device does not use flash memory?
Dezembro 2What type of user interface element is designed for typing characters?
Dezembro 3Which of the following languages is not parsed by a typical web browser?
Dezembro 4When was the ODBC standard created?
Dezembro 5What type of standard is 802.11g?
Dezembro 6Which of the following programs might display a SERP?
Dezembro 7Which of the following is not an example of social media marketing?
Dezembro 8What is another name for the hardware specs of a desktop computer?
Dezembro 9What acronym describes memory transfers that bypass the CPU?
Dezembro 10Which of the following software packages is not included with WAMP?
Dezembro 11What is caused by a program that continually uses up more memory?
Dezembro 12What does an autoresponder automatically reply to?
Dezembro 13What is the process of determining the cause of a problem called?
Dezembro 14Which of the following statements best describes a WYSIWYG editor?
Dezembro 15What frequency does the C7 key on a piano produce?
Dezembro 16Importing data from an audio CD or DVD is also called what?
Dezembro 17A limited time of communication between two Internet systems is called what?
Dezembro 18Which of the following statements about the DVD-RW format is false?
Dezembro 19What is the area of a webpage that contains links to other sections called?
Dezembro 20Which of the following is an example of e-learning?
Dezembro 21What is another name for an extension that adds functionality to a program?
Dezembro 22What interface is also known as IEEE 1394?
Dezembro 23Yahoo! is a search engine and what else?
Dezembro 24What media format replaced compact flash in most digital cameras?
Dezembro 25What version of OS X immediately preceded Yosemite?
Dezembro 26What operating system is known for producing the notorious BSOD?
Dezembro 27What does a DV device record?
Dezembro 28Which programming language was developed by Microsoft?
Dezembro 29In what industry is the PPS metric commonly used?
Dezembro 30In web analytics, a smartphone is categorized as what type of device?
Dezembro 31What term can be used synonymously with PC and IBM-compatible?