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Quizzes from March, 2016

Março 1What type of device might connect to a docking station?
Março 2What type of technology is Sony Trinitron?
Março 3What type of software allows you to control a computer over the Internet?
Março 4The moral principles that regulate the use of computers is also called what?
Março 5What acronym states that bad input will result in bad output?
Março 6What is a copy or image of a storage device taken at a specific time called?
Março 7Which Google service is designed for storing files online?
Março 8What acronym describes a way to evaluate information found online?
Março 9RAID configurations are used for what purpose?
Março 10Which of the following GUI elements might you minimize?
Março 11Mbps and Kbps are examples of what?
Março 12What term describes a computer system with minimal components?
Março 13What is another name for a software update designed to fix a security hole?
Março 14Which of the following keys is a modifier key?
Março 15Which of the following emoticons represents a happy person?
Março 16What protocol is used to send SOAP messages?
Março 17What is the purpose of the Winsock API for Windows?
Março 18What type of specification is ATX?
Março 19"Burning" refers to writing data to what type of media?
Março 20A menu bar is what type of menu?
Março 21In what type of situation might a programmer use a wildcard character?
Março 22Roughly how many times faster is a T3 connection than a T1 connection?
Março 23DVDs, flash drives, hard drives, and SSDs are collectively referred to as what?
Março 24Which of the following website metrics is typically the lowest?
Março 25A software copy of a physical disk is also called what?
Março 26What acronym is often used synonymously with EULA?
Março 27What type of device might benefit from TRIM?
Março 28What is central file storage location accessible by multiple systems called?
Março 29What is another name for search terms entered in a search engine?
Março 30AIX is an operating system developed by what company?
Março 31Which of the following resolutions is supported by the HDV video format?