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Quizzes from December, 2016

Dezembro 110<sup>18</sup> bytes is equal to what?
Dezembro 2A SYN flood is a type of what computer attack?
Dezembro 3Trusted users or IP addresses might be added to what type of list?
Dezembro 4Which of the following statements about emojis is false?
Dezembro 5A program value that does not change is also called what?
Dezembro 6What adjective best describes a software program that supports plugins?
Dezembro 7What type of hardware device may experience fragmentation over time?
Dezembro 8Which type of file might include sample rate information?
Dezembro 9What is Sony's memory card format called?
Dezembro 10A surge protector protects connected devices from what?
Dezembro 11What company developed the Direct3D API?
Dezembro 12Which acronym might be used to describe the lifecycle of a software program?
Dezembro 13Which adjective describes processes that are waiting in line, ready to be run?
Dezembro 14What word describes the time between when a program is opened and closed?
Dezembro 15For what medium does the W3C develop standards?
Dezembro 16A computer system that does not include any software is also known as what?
Dezembro 17Which of the following translates domain names into IP addresses?
Dezembro 18What character is not allowed in macOS filenames?
Dezembro 19What type of file is a .ZIP file?
Dezembro 20What type of malicious activity takes place specifically via text messages?
Dezembro 21What protocol support does iSCSI add to the standard SCSI interface?
Dezembro 22Lossless is a type of what?
Dezembro 23Which of the following is a widely-used computer programming language?
Dezembro 24Ensuring a chip does not overheat before mass producing it is an example of what?
Dezembro 25In what menu is the Undo command located?
Dezembro 26How many bits are in a byte?
Dezembro 27What company developed the original Macintosh computer?
Dezembro 28LTE is a subset of what telecommunications standard?
Dezembro 291,125,899,906,842,624 bytes is equal to one what?
Dezembro 30Strings are comprised of individual what?
Dezembro 31What file format is used to generate corresponding CSS files?