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Quizzes from March, 2017

Março 1Which of the following is not a valid cell reference?
Março 2ASCII and Unicode are two types of what?
Março 3How is a datagram different than a packet?
Março 4Which of the following is commonly used for caching data?
Março 5Which component has the greatest impact on a video game's FPS?
Março 6How is NVRAM different than standard system RAM?
Março 7What term is synonymous with micrometer?
Março 8What is the transmission rate of a basic OC-1 optical carrier line?
Março 9Which component controlled power functions of older Macintosh computers?
Março 10A custom network created from one or more existing LANs is also called what?
Março 11What term describes a website that is unresponsive after a surge in traffic?
Março 12UML is designed primarily for what type of software development?
Março 13A consumer who uses a hardware device or software program is also called what?
Março 14Which of the following provides a centralized storage location?
Março 15What search engine provided desktop widgets?
Março 16What type of document defines the tags and attributes used in an XML file?
Março 17What is a group of computers that run related programs and scripts called?
Março 18A volume that can be used to start up a computer is also called what?
Março 19Which of the following DVD formats can be erased?
Março 20What is a group of related elements that each have a unique identifier called?
Março 21What type of website is designed for creating discussion threads?
Março 22What is a common abbreviation for "domain name?"
Março 23A label that identifies a device on a network is also called what?
Março 24What is the purpose of a computer handshake?
Março 25Which of the following defines the channel an ATM cell is to travel over a network?
Março 26Running SNES games on a PC is an example of what?
Março 27PCI-X and PCI Express interfaces support what?
Março 28Which of the following types of media is the oldest?
Março 29What word describes a video that gets millions of views in a short period of time?
Março 30Which of the following is used to create an object in object-oriented programming?
Março 31Which of the following file types might be encoded with a specific codec?