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Testes de outubro, 2017

Outubro 1A wireless router in a home may also be called what?
Outubro 2ICT is similar to IT, but focuses primarily on what?
Outubro 3A UWP application can run on which operating system?
Outubro 410<sup>24</sup> bytes is equal to a single what?
Outubro 5What Microsoft technology is used to manage devices on a network?
Outubro 6What is the function of an network IDS?
Outubro 7What is the function of the transmission control protocol (TCP)?
Outubro 8Which of the following is a reciprocal link?
Outubro 9What is the difference between the ENUM and SET data types?
Outubro 10The complete tech specs of a PC may also be called what?
Outubro 11What is the difference between DDM and traditional marketing?
Outubro 12Which of the following is most likely to contain "alt.binaries" in the name?
Outubro 13What is the purpose of a technical white paper?
Outubro 14What technical term describes something that occurs instantly?
Outubro 15Which two protocols serve as the foundation of the Internet?
Outubro 16When creating a user account, which of the following must be unique?
Outubro 17IOPS is used to measure the performance of what?
Outubro 18What type of card slot was popular in laptops in the 1990s?
Outubro 19Which software framework was introduced by Microsoft in 1996?
Outubro 20Which of the following is an example of secondary storage?
Outubro 21Which term describes a photo that combines multiple exposures?
Outubro 22A software package that includes everything needed to run is called what?
Outubro 23A server that provides an exact copy of data from another server is called what?
Outubro 24What is a watch that runs apps called?
Outubro 25What type of network does not require a router or a base station?
Outubro 26What is an inkiness pen used to write on a screen called?
Outubro 27Where is the escape key located on a keyboard?
Outubro 28Archie was designed as a search engine for which protocol?
Outubro 29What is a security key sent from a server to an authorized device called?
Outubro 30Which of the following defines an organized approach for delivering IT services?
Outubro 31Which of the following may be used to filter Internet traffic?