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Quizzes from December, 2017

Dezembro 1What type of device would most likely be connected to a KVM switch?
Dezembro 2What is a person who posts videos on a regular basis called?
Dezembro 3What technology replaced the VCR for recording videos?
Dezembro 4What other word is commonly used to refer to a software program?
Dezembro 5What would you connect to a DVI port?
Dezembro 6What type of ports are found on a network switch?
Dezembro 7What type of Internet connection is available in BRI, PRI, and AODI variations?
Dezembro 8Which of the following is designed to run on a Linux system?
Dezembro 9What allows multiple instructions to be processed at the same time?
Dezembro 10Oracle Express Server and Hyperion Solutions Essbase are examples of what?
Dezembro 11User space refers to specific allocation of what type of resource?
Dezembro 12What type of design might use media queries?
Dezembro 13Which of the following is primarily an e-commerce website?
Dezembro 14What is the technical name of a tracking pixel on a webpage?
Dezembro 15Which of the following is not a spreadsheet program?
Dezembro 16What is another name for a high-end desktop computer?
Dezembro 17OCR software is used to recognize what?
Dezembro 18Ejecting a disk also performs what action?
Dezembro 19What comes before the @ symbol in an email address?
Dezembro 20Which electrical component limits the flow of electric current?
Dezembro 21Which of the following statements about intranets is true?
Dezembro 22Which of the following is not a file system?
Dezembro 23A TTL value represents the number of what?
Dezembro 24What technology initiates data transfers from the server rather than the client?
Dezembro 25What term refers to downloadable content for a video game?
Dezembro 26A residual image left on a screen is also called what?
Dezembro 27The ANSI organization started in what country?
Dezembro 28What is another name for the frame around the screen of a monitor?
Dezembro 29Which of the following is an example of a web application?
Dezembro 30Which of the following contains a matrix of dots?
Dezembro 31Which of the following contains a file system?