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Testes de outubro, 2018

Outubro 1What protocol is commonly used for web publishing?
Outubro 2Which programming language is designed for web scripting?
Outubro 3What is the most common use of a VPS?
Outubro 4An ANR is an error reported by what platform?
Outubro 5Which of the following is considered a microcomputer?
Outubro 6Which of the following is a type of VDU?
Outubro 7What type of content does an RSS feed contain?
Outubro 8What type of software program has a command-line interface?
Outubro 9What is Google's video sharing service called?
Outubro 10What is the purpose of remote access software?
Outubro 11Which organization standardized the 802.11 wireless technologies?
Outubro 12Which unit of measurement might be used to measure data transfer speeds?
Outubro 13How does a laser printer print images on paper?
Outubro 14ARTICLE, GROUP, LIST, and POST are commands supported by what protocol?
Outubro 15jQuery is used to create dynamic content for which medium?
Outubro 16Which of the following might also be called a "guest" on a host machine?
Outubro 17Which Microsoft Office program is not available for macOS?
Outubro 18Which Windows option saves the state of the PC, then shuts down the computer?
Outubro 19How many dots (periods) are in an IPv4 address?
Outubro 20What does a hypervisor manage?
Outubro 21What are binary patterns used to detect viruses called?
Outubro 22Which of the following Apple devices came first?
Outubro 23A website that only has five to ten pages may also be called what?
Outubro 24What does the "i" in 1080i stand for?
Outubro 25A 4K display has 4,000 what?
Outubro 26Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are included in what software suite?
Outubro 27Humans can hear sounds from roughly 20 hertz to 20 what?
Outubro 28Which web server software is developed by Microsoft?
Outubro 29MacBooks are what type of device?
Outubro 30What is the common name for the 4-pin 8981 connector used to power internal components?
Outubro 31What function key is commonly associated with the "Refresh" command in Windows?