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Quizzes from March, 2019

Março 1Waiting to load resources until they are needed is also called what?
Março 2Which Adobe technology is also the name of a type of storage?
Março 3What is a server that makes a website available to users on the Internet called?
Março 4Intermittent delays during data transfers are also called what?
Março 5A character that marks a line break in a block of text is called what?
Março 6Which organization standardized the OpenDocument file formats?
Março 7Which of the following is not part of a fully qualified domain name (FQDN)?
Março 8Which of the following statements best describes a virtual machine?
Março 9A hidden field in a web contact form designed to detect spam is an example of what?
Março 10Tree, ring, and star are types of what?
Março 11Which of the following statements best describes bandwidth?
Março 12Machine code is considered what type of language?
Março 13Hashing two sets of data and producing the same value results in what?
Março 14Which term describes software built from an existing program?
Março 15Which statement about DVD-Rs is true?
Março 16What type of code might be found on a dynamic website and not on a static one?
Março 17What type of technology is Oculus known for developing?
Março 18What is a tall and skinny web advertisement called?
Março 19What acronym describes the result of zero input?
Março 20What is a surface designed for tracking the movement of a mouse called?
Março 21What type of error in Windows produces the "blue screen of death?"
Março 22Which online advertising metric measures revenue per 1,000 impressions?
Março 23Which version of Windows was released on January 30, 2007?
Março 24Which protocol encrypts data sent over the Internet?
Março 25Which of the following defines data transmission standards for a local network?
Março 26Which email box exists between Drafts and Sent?
Março 27Which phrase best describes a database index?
Março 28Which of the following is an expansion slot that was popular in the early 2000s?
Março 29What acronym describes an interface that can be controlled using a mouse?
Março 30Which statement about ECC RAM is false?
Março 31What type of program might include a debugger?