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Quizzes from October, 2019

Outubro 1Data sent over a network is transmitted in small packages called what?
Outubro 2What is the purpose of an XSLT style sheet?
Outubro 3Which command is typically found in the Edit menu?
Outubro 4What is the primary difference between viruses and other types of malware?
Outubro 5For which of the following operations is hashing not used?
Outubro 6Laptops that run Chrome OS are called what?
Outubro 7What is the purpose of a VLAN?
Outubro 8Which version of Windows replaced Windows 8?
Outubro 9What type of connection do most portable flash drives have?
Outubro 10What is Java source code compiled for a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) called?
Outubro 11A status bar is located at the bottom of what?
Outubro 12A person who codes software programs is also called what?
Outubro 13Which company developed the X86 processor architecture?
Outubro 14Which protocol was designed for sharing files over the Internet?
Outubro 15Which advertising metric tracks actual sales?
Outubro 16What is the technical term for "niche" software?
Outubro 17Which of the following is considered a "bare metal" system?
Outubro 18What makes a function recursive?
Outubro 19What is over-the-top (OTT) content?
Outubro 20What is the purpose of network address translation (NAT)?
Outubro 21What is the main advantage of an object-oriented programming language?
Outubro 22What is the primary goal of ASO?
Outubro 23What is the software that manages one or more virtual machines called?
Outubro 24Which of the following best describes a memory leak?
Outubro 25Microsoft Word's native file format uses what file extension?
Outubro 26What type of server provides SMTP and IMAP services?
Outubro 27What was the first version of OS X not named after a feline?
Outubro 28Which statement about image scaling is false?
Outubro 29Which file format contains video data?
Outubro 30Rich text files, Illustrator drawings, and Excel spreadsheets are examples of what?
Outubro 31Which of the following is an example of vaporware?