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Testes de novembro, 2011

Novembro 1A flatbed is a type of what?
Novembro 2Which organization manages domain name registration services?
Novembro 3Which of the following is considered a precursor to computer hacking?
Novembro 4What is the term "abend" short for?
Novembro 5The term "codec" is short for what?
Novembro 6Which of the following file types is not an executable file?
Novembro 7The final release candidate of a software program may also be called what?
Novembro 8Which of the following is another name for "keyboard shortcut"?
Novembro 9QuickTime was developed by which company?
Novembro 10Adjusting the output levels of a computer monitor is also called what?
Novembro 11What language is used to create webpages?
Novembro 12In which of the following applications might OpenGL be used?
Novembro 13What is the purpose of the Num Lock key?
Novembro 14What type of operating system uses the NTFS file system?
Novembro 15What is the name of Amazon's e-reader?
Novembro 16What operating system does the iPhone use?
Novembro 17A character with all bits set to zero is also called what?
Novembro 18The study of how humans interact with manmade objets is called what?
Novembro 19What does a DLL file contain?
Novembro 20What is JRE used for?
Novembro 21The colors used for printing images are collectively known as what?
Novembro 22Which of the following is not a boolean operator?
Novembro 23100 is the binary representation of what number?
Novembro 24What data type contains characters rather than numbers?
Novembro 25What is the objective of ANSI?
Novembro 26Viruses, trojan horses, and spyware are collectively known as what?
Novembro 27What is the name of a mutual link between two websites?
Novembro 28What is the purpose of a GUID?
Novembro 29How many bytes are in an SI megabyte?
Novembro 30Posting offensive messages online is also called what?