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Testes de dezembro, 2011

Dezembro 1Which operating system uses the Finder for desktop navigation?
Dezembro 2What is FTP primarily used for?
Dezembro 3Devices connected to a network are also called what?
Dezembro 4What is the name of the default administrative user on a Unix system?
Dezembro 5Which of the following is not a valid domain suffix?
Dezembro 6The Kindle and Nook are examples of what type of device?
Dezembro 7Which of the following is not a version of Mac OS X?
Dezembro 8What is the name of the most popular Web server software?
Dezembro 9The ability of a computer to act like a human being is also called what?
Dezembro 10What is another name for software that is free to use and distribute?
Dezembro 11What device converts electromagnetic waves into sound waves?
Dezembro 12DDR is a type of what computer component?
Dezembro 13What is hertz (Hz) used to measure?
Dezembro 14What company developed the PostScript language?
Dezembro 15Characters in MMORPGs are also called what?
Dezembro 16What does a URL beginning with "https://" indicate?
Dezembro 17Which person selects and configures computers for an organization?
Dezembro 18What does it mean to reimage a hard disk?
Dezembro 19JSON is often viewed as an alternative to what language?
Dezembro 20Which of the following is not a writable DVD standard?
Dezembro 21What is the purpose of an extranet?
Dezembro 22Images that can be imported into other programs are collectively called what?
Dezembro 23Which of the following is not a modifier key?
Dezembro 24What unit of measurement is used for rack-mounted equipment?
Dezembro 25What purpose does a network backbone serve?
Dezembro 26What does FLOPS measure?
Dezembro 27Which operating system uses the Recycle Bin to delete files?
Dezembro 28How long is one nanometer?
Dezembro 29What type of data is stored in a TIFF file?
Dezembro 30What type of data structure organizes information into rows and columns?
Dezembro 31What does a compiler do?