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Testes de novembro, 2012

Novembro 1Which of the following defines the range of IP addresses in a specific network?
Novembro 2Which of the following best describes pipelining?
Novembro 3What software program includes a feature called WordArt?
Novembro 4Which of the following is not a programming language?
Novembro 5A LAN is a type of what?
Novembro 6The word "cloud" is often used synonymously with what term?
Novembro 7What type of component may support hyper-threading?
Novembro 8What is a file that contains information describing other files called?
Novembro 9Which of the following words is most similar to "iteration"?
Novembro 10What version of Mac OS X followed Snow Leopard?
Novembro 11What is the name of Microsoft's tablet, introduced on October 26, 2012?
Novembro 12What Microsoft operating system is designed specifically for ARM processors?
Novembro 13What is a codec used for?
Novembro 14What type of data does MySQL manage?
Novembro 15What is the difference between Cc and Bcc when sending an email?
Novembro 16DLC most often refers to what type of downloadable content?
Novembro 17What command is similar to "Open," but often serves a more specific purpose?
Novembro 18What type of program is ICQ?
Novembro 19Which of the following items does not include a PCB?
Novembro 20What language is also known as the language of the Web?
Novembro 21What is a text editing program with advanced features called?
Novembro 22Which of the following statements best describes a "default program?"
Novembro 23What service translates domain names into IP addresses?
Novembro 24What amount of data is used to represent a standard ASCII character?
Novembro 25Which of the following I/O interfaces was most recently introduced?
Novembro 26What is the difference between .TXT and and .RTF files?
Novembro 27What are the small dots that make up an image on a screen called?
Novembro 28What type of cable is most often used for connecting wired network devices?
Novembro 29What operating system has versions named after different types of cats?
Novembro 30What type of program includes an address bar?