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Testes de dezembro, 2012

Dezembro 1What file extension do most Windows programs have?
Dezembro 2What programming language requires line numbers before each command?
Dezembro 3What is software that produces false error messages called?
Dezembro 4What type of person would be concerned cross-browser content?
Dezembro 5Receiving data from the Internet is also called what?
Dezembro 6What does the K in CMYK refer to?
Dezembro 7What are values passed into functions called?
Dezembro 8Which Windows operating system was released first?
Dezembro 9What type of calculations does an FPU handle?
Dezembro 10Which of the following is not a valid domain suffix?
Dezembro 11Which of the following is an example of an optical drive?
Dezembro 12Which of the following units of measurement is the largest?
Dezembro 13Which of the following statments about computer data is false?
Dezembro 14Which of these functions is not always present in a multifunction printer?
Dezembro 15"Flatbed" describes what type of device?
Dezembro 16What is the name of the suffix at the end of a filename?
Dezembro 17What is another name for a backlink?
Dezembro 18What term describes standard preset settings?
Dezembro 19What type of data is sent via SMS?
Dezembro 20Which of the following might be measured in Kbps?
Dezembro 21What other command besides Copy transfers data to the clipboard?
Dezembro 22Which Windows operating system provides a tile-based interface?
Dezembro 23Which of the following might include a primary key?
Dezembro 24Which of the following numbers is an integer?
Dezembro 25What device does the SMART service monitor?
Dezembro 26Errors in software programs are commonly called what?
Dezembro 27What is the name of Microsoft's popular database program?
Dezembro 28What type of a device can be reimaged?
Dezembro 29What might teraflops be used to measure?
Dezembro 30Which of the following best describes XML documents?
Dezembro 31Which of the following is a valid IP address?