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Testes de abril, 2013

Abril 1What is the process of sending files from your computer called?
Abril 2What is the purpose of a controller card?
Abril 3The toolbar is typically located in what part of a window?
Abril 4What are FLOPS used to measure?
Abril 5What is an intranet that extends over the Internet called?
Abril 6If a file has a .BMP file extension, what kind of data does it contain?
Abril 7UTF-8 and UTF-16 are two different types of what?
Abril 8What is the name of the most popular search engine?
Abril 9What is the technical term for a "rule of thumb" applied to an algorithm?
Abril 10What social networking website started out as a band promotion service?
Abril 11TFT is a type of technology used in what hardware device?
Abril 12What part of a laptop does the bezel surround?
Abril 13What type of data does an MPEG file contain?
Abril 14Raster and vector are two types of what?
Abril 15What is the opposite of input?
Abril 16Which of the following terms does not describe a type of flash drive?
Abril 17Which of the following phrases best describes an algorithm?
Abril 18A batch file is a type of what?
Abril 19What is a subroutine attached to a specific class called?
Abril 20What data type is used to store textual data?
Abril 21What social networking website is designed for business professionals?
Abril 22What is another name for a printed document?
Abril 23What is the technical name for the "tower" of a desktop computer?
Abril 24What is the purpose of an SSL certificate?
Abril 25What type of data does a flat file store?
Abril 26Hard drives, floppy drives, and optical drives are all types of what?
Abril 27What is a person who attempts to gain unauthorized access to a computer called?
Abril 28What is the name of the tool used to delete files in Windows?
Abril 29Which of the following is not an input device?
Abril 30What is the study of how humans interact with manmade objects called?