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Testes de maio, 2013

Maio 1UTF is a collection of what type of standards?
Maio 2What type of data does a WAVE file contain?
Maio 3A typical CPU contains and FPU and what other processing unit?
Maio 4What type of content does YouTube host?
Maio 5What is the space between the text and the edge of a document called?
Maio 6What is another name for a storage device?
Maio 7Which of the following is a popular open source programming language?
Maio 8What is the most common type of memory card used in digital cameras?
Maio 9How many bytes are in a terabyte?
Maio 10Which of the following phrases best describes a chipset?
Maio 11Which word best describes the process of dithering?
Maio 12Which of the following would most likely be measured in Mbps?
Maio 13Which phrase best describes a default setting?
Maio 14What is the standard location of a status bar within a window?
Maio 15What company developed the PostScript language?
Maio 16What type of program might include a "Cc" field?
Maio 17Physical computer parts and related devices are collectively called what?
Maio 18Which of the following might be labeled as a Golden Master?
Maio 19What is another name for a computer screen or display?
Maio 20What is text that supports formatting and different fonts called?
Maio 21What is another name for a step-by-step instructional guide?
Maio 22A golden master, or "GM," refers to what type of product?
Maio 23Which of the following is NOT a type of font case?
Maio 24How much data can a single-layer, single-sided DVD store?
Maio 25What is the series of processes that a computer goes through at startup called?
Maio 26DDL is considered a subset of what language?
Maio 27What is the purpose of a flowchart?
Maio 28In databases, columns may also be called what?
Maio 29What is the central location where a version control system saves files called?
Maio 30What is another name for a standard Latin-based keyboard?
Maio 31What is the technical term for a digital publication created for an eReader?