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Testes de junho, 2013

Junho 1PDAs have been mostly replaced by what device?
Junho 2Java, Perl, and PHP are all types of what?
Junho 3What are individual electronic pulses of a CPU called?
Junho 4Which of the following operations might include a "time to live" (TTL) parameter?
Junho 5JSON is an alternative to what file format?
Junho 6Extracting large amounts of information for a website is also called what?
Junho 7What is the largest packet size that can be sent over a network connection called?
Junho 8Which of the following statements best describes a file association?
Junho 9What is a system that can load two different operating systems called?
Junho 10Which of the following is NOT a modifier key?
Junho 11Which of the following statements best describes piracy?
Junho 12What category does Perl fit into?
Junho 13What type of expansion slot superseded AGP?
Junho 14Which of the following files would be most likely to contain formatted text?
Junho 15How many values can a single binary digit have?
Junho 16What type of utility records each "hop" of a connection over the Internet?
Junho 17What company developed the Android operating system?
Junho 18Which of the following statements about HDDs is false?
Junho 19Which of the following file types is most likely to contain a library of functions?
Junho 20What I/O interface uses the same port as DisplayPort?
Junho 21Which of the following technologies superseded WAIS?
Junho 22What type of computer game would be best played using a joystick?
Junho 23What type of data does the BLOB data type store?
Junho 24What type of document is most likely to contain HTML?
Junho 25What is the maximum number of characters a "tweet" can contain?
Junho 26Which operating system is used as the basis of most open source OSes?
Junho 27What are online characters commonly called?
Junho 28sRGB is a common type of what?
Junho 29DNS translates domain names into what type of address?
Junho 30What is a program that imitates or reproduces a hardware system called?