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Testes de outubro, 2013

Outubro 1What term may be used synonymously with "Sleep Mode" in reference to computers?
Outubro 2Which of the following is a non-relational database?
Outubro 3Which of the following social media services is designed for business networking?
Outubro 4What are variables passed into a function called?
Outubro 5In what part of a window is the title bar located?
Outubro 6What type of wireless technology is used to create a piconet?
Outubro 7What is the process of designing a website for multiple devices called?
Outubro 8What company coined the term "retina display?"
Outubro 9What is a file saved in a proprietary format called?
Outubro 10The ability of a computer to act like a human being is also called what?
Outubro 11Which of the following is not an input device?
Outubro 12Which of the following determines the way files are organized on a storage device?
Outubro 13Which of the following is an example of bespoke software?
Outubro 14What is the default location of the Dock in the OS X desktop?
Outubro 15In what order are the sides of a block defined in CSS shorthand?
Outubro 16Which of the following is typically stored in the ROM of a hardware device?
Outubro 17What type of modem is most likely to be configured using PPPoE?
Outubro 18Which of the following statements best describes third party software?
Outubro 19RAM chips are also called what?
Outubro 20What is another name for a search term entered into a search engine?
Outubro 21Which operating system is designed specifically for the Surface tablet?
Outubro 22How many gigahertz are in one terahertz?
Outubro 23Which of the following is located in the boot sector of a storage device?
Outubro 24What system manages files and folders across multiple computers?
Outubro 25What company provides the Gmail email service?
Outubro 26What type of technology does the MPEG organization develop and maintain?
Outubro 27What is the public web address of a website called?
Outubro 28What type of component might use an X86 architecture?
Outubro 29What user interface element can often be displayed by right-clicking an object?
Outubro 30Instead of pixels, vector graphics are comprised of what?
Outubro 31Red Hat, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu are all distributions of what OS?