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Testes de novembro, 2013

Novembro 1What type of computer would most likely contain a folder named "cgi-bin"?
Novembro 2What term describes a file broken up into separate areas of a storage device?
Novembro 3Which of the following does not use a namespace?
Novembro 4Binary and text are two different types of what?
Novembro 5What is the technical name of an electronic version of a document?
Novembro 6Which of the following logic gates does not require two inputs?
Novembro 7Which term describes a program that runs on multiple operating systems?
Novembro 8Mac OS X versions up to 10.8 were named after different types of what animal?
Novembro 9Which of the following is a not a type of DBMS?
Novembro 10GPS is a subset of what type of technology?
Novembro 11What acronym describes the way data is retrieved from a "stack?"
Novembro 12What is a wireless device that relays a signal called?
Novembro 13What is the difference between a CD and a CD-R?
Novembro 14What is another name for sending a file from your computer to another system?
Novembro 15Which of the following might be described as a "golden master?"
Novembro 16Which of the following can be measured in kilohertz?
Novembro 17What processor architecture supports Open Firmware?
Novembro 18What type of document would be most likely to contain one or more forumlas?
Novembro 19Which of the following is not a type of memory module?
Novembro 20What type of hardware does "active-matrix" describe?
Novembro 21What interface element typically contains the options File, Edit, and View?
Novembro 22What operating system supports DirectX?
Novembro 23Which of the following is considered a utility program?
Novembro 24What is another name for a step-by-step instructional article or video?
Novembro 25Which of the following best describes eSports?
Novembro 26Which of the following is the primary processor in a computer?
Novembro 27Using or distributing software illegally is also called what?
Novembro 28What type of modem is most likely to use the standard PPP protocol?
Novembro 29What is data generated by a computer called?
Novembro 30What is the process of smoothing out digital noise in graphics called?