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Testes de dezembro, 2013

Dezembro 1What type of file is often downloaded from multiple servers at one time?
Dezembro 2HTTP, FTP, and TCP/IP are all different types of what?
Dezembro 3Which of the following descriptions best describes a cron?
Dezembro 4Which of the following does baud measure?
Dezembro 5What is the standard file system used by compact discs called?
Dezembro 6A trojan horse would be classified as what type of software?
Dezembro 7How many bytes are in a kilobit?
Dezembro 8What social networking service pioneered the use of the hashtag?
Dezembro 9Which of the following, along with a password, typically comprises a login?
Dezembro 10Who would be most likely to configure a honeypot?
Dezembro 11Which of the following does CTP measure?
Dezembro 12Which of the following is not an image file format?
Dezembro 13What is the small icon next to a URL or page title in a web browser called?
Dezembro 14Which of the following is a "wired" technology?
Dezembro 15Which of the following does not mark the end of a line in a text document?
Dezembro 16Restarting a computer may also be called what?
Dezembro 17What is information stored or processed by a computer called?
Dezembro 18Which of the following interfaces provides a digital connection?
Dezembro 19What are small bitmap graphics used in software applications called?
Dezembro 20What are specific row/column combinations in spreadsheets called?
Dezembro 21MMS is an extension of what service?
Dezembro 22An APU is comprised of a CPU and what other type of processor?
Dezembro 23What is the standard way to display a value contained in an array?
Dezembro 24What is the most popular search engine in China?
Dezembro 25Which of the following is an example of a bitrate?
Dezembro 26Which of the following is NOT a technology standardization organization?
Dezembro 27What is another common name for a NOC?
Dezembro 28Software programs installed unknowingly or unintentionally are also called what?
Dezembro 29Commands sent from one computer to another over a network are also called what?
Dezembro 30What is a computer's main processor called?
Dezembro 31Which of the following statements best describes video interlacing?