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Testes de abril, 2014

Abril 1What term is synonymous with "clicking" a mouse?
Abril 2What type of program is only developed for a specific industry?
Abril 3Dual-core describes what type of component?
Abril 4What service translates multiple IP addresses in a LAN to a single IP address?
Abril 5Which of the following words is written in camelcase?
Abril 6Which of the following image formats uses indexed colors?
Abril 7What type of component may need to be defragmented?
Abril 8Monitors and projectors are different types of what?
Abril 9Which of the following statements about the Data Definition Language is true?
Abril 10What term describes copying someone else's work and publishing it as your own?
Abril 11Which of the following statements about NoSQL is false?
Abril 12What type of controller has a base and a stick that can be moved in any direction?
Abril 13What operating system uses the Trash to store files marked for deletion?
Abril 14What does it mean if a component is hot swappable?
Abril 15What social media website limits posts to 140 characters or less?
Abril 16Which of the following statements best describes an audio sample?
Abril 17Which of the following terms should only be used as a noun?
Abril 18What company developed the Visual Basic programming language?
Abril 19How long is a single nanometer?
Abril 20What is another name for a storage device?
Abril 21Which of the following programs is not included with KOffice?
Abril 22Which of the following devices might have a Lightning connector?
Abril 23What is another name for ideas, designs, and other intangible goods?
Abril 24Y2K took place at the beginning of what year?
Abril 25Which of the following statements about logic errors is false?
Abril 26What operating system includes the DOS command line interface?
Abril 27What company developed the Chrome web browser?
Abril 28Which of the following words means to start up a computer?
Abril 29A DIMM is a type of what component?
Abril 30Which of the following are true of a simplex transmission?