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Testes de maio, 2014

Maio 1What is someone who tries to gain unauthorized access to a computer called?
Maio 2What abbreviation might describe a software development interface?
Maio 3Which of the following statements about websites is false?
Maio 4A navigation bar on the left side of a window or webpage is also called what?
Maio 5Which of the following is not included in a standard LAMP installation?
Maio 6Which of the following is not considered part of Web 2.0?
Maio 7What is the name of Amazon's popular e-reader?
Maio 8What is the smallest unit that can be accessed on a hard disk called?
Maio 9What is the technical name for a "rule of thumb?"
Maio 10Which of the following is considered a document?
Maio 11Which of the following best describes alpha software?
Maio 12What is the standard location for the copyright text on a webpage?
Maio 13What measures the amount of disk space an HDD provides?
Maio 14What file format is commonly used to store compressed digital photos?
Maio 15Which of the following statements about an analog signal is true?
Maio 16What is another name for a system or device connected to a network?
Maio 17Which of the following statements best describes a default program?
Maio 18What is another name for a list of jobs waiting to be processed?
Maio 19What does a thin client not have?
Maio 20Which of the following categories of numbers is most comprehensive?
Maio 21What type of a data does a listserv manage?
Maio 22Where is the name of the location where the master boot record is stored?
Maio 23What software program introduced the WordArt feature?
Maio 24Which of the following games is not played in eSports tournaments?
Maio 25What key would you press to enter a newline character?
Maio 26What are the dots that make up images on a computer screen called?
Maio 27What is the name of the OpenSSL vulnerability publicized in April, 2014?
Maio 28What type of website allows users to create and edit the content of the webpages?
Maio 29What is another name for a link on a webpage?
Maio 30Which data storage unit of measurement is the largest?
Maio 31What is the purpose of a driver?