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Testes de outubro, 2014

Outubro 1What is a selected cell in a spreadsheet called?
Outubro 2What command is most similar to "Save As..."?
Outubro 3Which of the following is the name of a popular processor architecture?
Outubro 4The "Save As..." and "Preference" windows are examples of what UI element?
Outubro 5What type of font case has the most capital letters?
Outubro 6What type of file might be compiled into an executable program?
Outubro 7How many nanometers are in a millimeter?
Outubro 8Which of the following devices always has a physical keyboard?
Outubro 9Which of the following raster image formats is uncompressed?
Outubro 10Which of the following acronyms describes a type of optical media?
Outubro 11What two attributes do all vectors have?
Outubro 12Which of the following might be described as an OOP?
Outubro 13What is the most common place for copyright information to appear on a webpage?
Outubro 14What does gigaflops measure?
Outubro 15What is the technical name of a person for whom a software program is designed?
Outubro 16What is an SDK used to create?
Outubro 17What is the name of a location where recently used information is stored?
Outubro 18Which of the following image formats always uses lossy compression?
Outubro 19What type of data does an XMP file contain?
Outubro 20Which of the following statements best describes a file?
Outubro 21A username and password combination is also known as what?
Outubro 22Terms that are part of a search query may also be called what?
Outubro 23Which of the following units of measurements is the largest?
Outubro 24A .PSD file may also be called what, in reference to Photoshop?
Outubro 25What technology converts text from an image into actual characters?
Outubro 26A dual boot system supports two types of what?
Outubro 27The ribbon user interface element is a specific type of what?
Outubro 28What is the trail of data you create while using the Internet called?
Outubro 29HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE is a group of what type of data?
Outubro 30What is a feature that guides you through certain steps in a program called?
Outubro 31Which of the following statements about CD-ROMs is false?