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Quizzes from November, 2014

Novembro 1A typical login is comprised of a password and what?
Novembro 2What process scrambles information so that it must be decoded to be recognized?
Novembro 3Which of the following is a microblogging website?
Novembro 4What type of component might include an EIDE interface?
Novembro 5Technology that creates a simulated real world experience is also called what?
Novembro 6Qual das alternativas a seguir não é um dispositivo de estado sólido?
Novembro 7What technology is used to create flat panel displays?
Novembro 8Qual das alternativas a seguir é um dispositivo de saída?
Novembro 9CISC is often compared to another type of processor design called what?
Novembro 10What term describes posting offensive comments on the Internet?
Novembro 11Clicking and moving a file is also described as what?
Novembro 12What type of program is Microsoft Excel?
Novembro 13What type of data does a blacklist contain?
Novembro 14Which of the following items verifies the identity of a website?
Novembro 15What type of program might be used to plan a road trip?
Novembro 16What does it mean if a device supports hot swappable components?
Novembro 17Digital photos are most commonly saved with what file extension?
Novembro 18What user interface element is shared by both Windows and OS X?
Novembro 19What type of document is formatted using HTML and CSS?
Novembro 20Subversion and Git are two types of what?
Novembro 21A plotter is a specific type of what hardware device?
Novembro 22What version of Windows followed Windows Vista?
Novembro 23What is the wheel between the left and right buttons of a mouse called?
Novembro 24What measurement is used to measure printer resolution?
Novembro 25What is the primary goal of SOA?
Novembro 26Qual das opções a seguir não é um tipo de arquivo compactado?
Novembro 27What is an intranet extended over the Internet called?
Novembro 28CSS is used to format elements defined in what language?
Novembro 29What type of cable might have an RJ45 jack on the end?
Novembro 30Which of the following statements best describes a software framework?