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Testes de janeiro, 2015

Janeiro 1Which of the following is the most important New Year's resolution?
Janeiro 2What term describes hardware and software designed to help people with disabilities?
Janeiro 3What is the process of simultaneously recording and compressing audio called?
Janeiro 4What type of network can change locations and configure itself on the fly?
Janeiro 5Pressing a single key on your keyboard is also called what?
Janeiro 6LTE is a subset of what cellular data standard?
Janeiro 7What is the purpose of a software wizard?
Janeiro 8Which of the following statements about MIDI files is true?
Janeiro 9What command does the 6 key on the numeric keypad perform when Num Lock is off?
Janeiro 10The verb "bounce" describes all the following actions besides what?
Janeiro 11The Veronica search engine is used to search what service?
Janeiro 12What type of file is used to secure a website?
Janeiro 13What type of file uses XML and RDF syntax to define metadata properties?
Janeiro 14How many exabytes are in a zettabyte?
Janeiro 15Which of the following statements best describes a LAN party?
Janeiro 16What IP address is automatically assigned to "localhost?"
Janeiro 17Which of the following might be measured in Kbps?
Janeiro 18Which of the following might contain JSP code?
Janeiro 19What is horizontal market software?
Janeiro 20What is the maximum number of colors a GIF image may contain?
Janeiro 21What type of cable sends data via pulses of light?
Janeiro 22A path may include one or more what?
Janeiro 23Which of the following best describes a "digital footprint?"
Janeiro 24What does code 180 mean in the SIP protocol?
Janeiro 25Who would be most likely to use an API?
Janeiro 26What type of data does an AIFF file contain?
Janeiro 27PPM might be used to measure the performance of what type of device?
Janeiro 28What might the abbreviation P2P be used to describe?
Janeiro 29What term describes a computer that is unreachable?
Janeiro 30Which of the following best describes an integrated circuit?
Janeiro 31Unicode is a type of what?