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Testes de fevereiro, 2015

Fevereiro 1What day did Y2K take place?
Fevereiro 2Left, right, and justified are different types of what?
Fevereiro 3What company developed the RUP development methodology?
Fevereiro 4What type of code does an EPS file contain?
Fevereiro 5What is the purpose of a web host?
Fevereiro 6What type of component might come in a quad-core model?
Fevereiro 7Which of the following best describes an APU?
Fevereiro 8Which of the following statements about Windows' hibernate mode is false?
Fevereiro 9What action is most commonly used to open a file on a desktop computer?
Fevereiro 10CIFS is part of which protocol?
Fevereiro 11The .GDOC, .GSLIDES, and .GSHEET file types supported by what service?
Fevereiro 12Which of the following images sizes is not a standard OS X icon size?
Fevereiro 13What of the following would be considered a null value?
Fevereiro 14Which of the following is not a capability found in modern computers?
Fevereiro 15A kilobit contains how many bits?
Fevereiro 16What is a malicious program that replicates itself and harms your computer called?
Fevereiro 17Which social media site has the highest female user percentage?
Fevereiro 18What is the name of the HTML version that requires strict syntax?
Fevereiro 19What type of attack is intended to make a computer system unavailable?
Fevereiro 20Which of the following is known as a "stateless" protocol?
Fevereiro 21Digital media is considered what type of property?
Fevereiro 22What was the name of the text-based search interface that preceded the web?
Fevereiro 23Posting annoying or offensive comments online is also called what?
Fevereiro 24What type of interface did Ultra DMA make obsolete?
Fevereiro 25What type of data does a typical log file contain?
Fevereiro 26What is jQuery used to create?
Fevereiro 27What type of network is designed for secure remote access?
Fevereiro 28What is the meaning of a 404 error on a webpage?