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Quizzes from May, 2017

Maio 1What type of file is an Android installer package?
Maio 2A software program that takes up too much disk space may also be called what?
Maio 3A monitor is an example of what type of hardware?
Maio 4Localhost is synonymous with what phrase?
Maio 5An FAQ contains a list of what?
Maio 6"Source Sans Pro 12pt semibold" is a type of what?
Maio 7What unit of measurement is greater than a gigabyte but less than a petabyte?
Maio 8Analyzing large amounts of data is also called what?
Maio 9Double click is an action commonly performed with what device?
Maio 10Which of the following routes incoming DSL connections to the Internet?
Maio 11Malware that locks your computer until you pay a fee is called what?
Maio 12Which feature was introduced in Mac OS X 10.4 and supports widgets?
Maio 13A workstation that is functional whether or not it is connected to network is called what?
Maio 14What is the main purpose of wardriving?
Maio 15Which of the following is a type of optical media?
Maio 16Which of the following font cases incorporates random capitalization?
Maio 17A computer user who requires a top-of-the-line machine is also called what?
Maio 18What is a malicious file that replicates itself on your computer called?
Maio 19NVRAM on older Macintosh computers was called what?
Maio 20What term refers to the original manufacturer of a product?
Maio 21What is a static link designed for linking to a blog or news story called?
Maio 22How many communication layers does the OSI model contain?
Maio 23Which standard was designed for describing business services?
Maio 24What is the standard sample rate used for CD audio?
Maio 25What purpose does ODBC serve?
Maio 26Which component is also known as the building block of an electrical circuit?
Maio 27ECC is a type of what hardware component?
Maio 28UEFI is the considered the successor to what?
Maio 29What acronym is commonly associated with e-learning?
Maio 30Grep is a search feature designed for which operating system?
Maio 31Unprocessed and uncompressed data may also be called what?