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Quizzes from June, 2017

Junho 1Which of the following does not fall in the "technology services" category?
Junho 2Which of the following is not another term for a desktop computer?
Junho 3What key is commonly used to jump between form fields?
Junho 4What is the maximum data transfer rate the 802.11a Wi-Fi standard supports?
Junho 5What is a 3D model that only includes vertices and lines called?
Junho 6Which of the following statements best describes a computer chip?
Junho 7Which acronym refers to command designed to run on a remote computer?
Junho 8Which of the following connectors is the largest?
Junho 9Which of the following is considered DAW software?
Junho 10Which of the following causes a page fault?
Junho 11Which of the following file types is commonly used in web design?
Junho 12What is required to send digital data to a device that only accepts analog input?
Junho 13What is a LAMP setup commonly used to create?
Junho 14Which standards organization was founded under the name "SGML Open?"
Junho 15Where are you most likely to see a favicon?
Junho 16Which of the following display connectors is designed for an analog signal?
Junho 17Which language was designed as a cross-platform, parallel programming standard?
Junho 18What word can be used synonymously with outline, diagram, or model?
Junho 19What term describes a value as either odd or even?
Junho 20How many megabits per second can a 6 Gbps connection transfer?
Junho 21Which online service transmits data over NNTP?
Junho 22C++, PHP, and Swift are examples of what?
Junho 23What is another name for a wireless router?
Junho 24Isolating applications from critical system resources is also called what?
Junho 25What type of data does the CLOB data type store?
Junho 26Which of the following systems uses a repository to store files?
Junho 27What does connecting two or more computers together create?
Junho 28H.264 and H.265 are what type of standards?
Junho 29Which HTML object opens another location when you click or tap it?
Junho 30Programmers often format function names using what type of font case?