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Quizzes from April, 2018

Abril 1Low-level code compiled for a software interpreter is also called what?
Abril 2Which technical term refers to a short delay?
Abril 3Which of the following is designed for making telephone calls over the Internet?
Abril 4Which of the following statements about open source software is false?
Abril 5If you receive a "friend request" email, it is from what social media platform?
Abril 6Database queries are typically written in what language?
Abril 7What is another name for a string of characters used to register a software program?
Abril 8What operation erases the primary storage device before installing the OS?
Abril 9Which term refers to replacing old data with new data?
Abril 10What acronym refers to 2D and 3D design done with computers?
Abril 11Which of the following is not a type of Wi-Fi security?
Abril 12ARP converts an IP address to what type of identifier?
Abril 13What adjective best describes a hybrid tablet that can also be used as a laptop?
Abril 14A computer game that teaches kids math is an example of what?
Abril 15The gamma of a display is most closely related to what?
Abril 16Which of the following formats is designed for sharing metadata between applications?
Abril 17Which component stores data in flash memory?
Abril 18Text that automatically continues from one line to the next is called what?
Abril 19Grid computing is also called what?
Abril 20A Model-View-Controller (MVC) is used for what?
Abril 21A static website is most likely to be comprised of what type of files?
Abril 22SSH is based on what?
Abril 23Which of the following file systems was developed by Microsoft?
Abril 24Which of the following statements best describes vertical market software?
Abril 25A router, firewall, and server may all serve as what?
Abril 26A responsive website typically has what type of layout?
Abril 27Digital images are also called what?
Abril 28Desktop computers, laptops, and tablets are examples of what?
Abril 29Which file system was developed by IBM?
Abril 30Which of the following applications is not cross-platform?