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Quizzes from June, 2019

Junho 1What type of character can be substituted for any character in a search query?
Junho 2Which of the following is not stored as a file?
Junho 3Using the GPU to offload calculations from the CPU is called what?
Junho 4Export is a command typically found in which menu?
Junho 5Which version of OS X followed Mavericks?
Junho 6What type of posts does an Instagram influencer publish?
Junho 7Which of the following statements about relational databases is false?
Junho 8A video blog is also called what?
Junho 9A person who builds custom computers would most likely buy what kind of system?
Junho 10The StarCraft WCS circuit is an example of what?
Junho 11Program functions that reference an operating system's API are called what?
Junho 12What is the purpose of a cache?
Junho 13Which of the following best describes a botnet?
Junho 14How many Shift keys are on a standard keyboard?
Junho 15Which of the following is a whole number?
Junho 16What is the most common data transfer medium used by WPANs?
Junho 17DDR RAM is a specific type of what memory?
Junho 18Which of the following best describes "runtime?"
Junho 19Which adjective does not describe CD-ROM media?
Junho 20The term "UX" is a common abbreviation for which phrase?
Junho 21Which of the following best describes a greenfield software program?
Junho 22What is another name for a software program that does not require a paid license?
Junho 23Which of the following is not part of a software toolchain?
Junho 24Which of the following is a type of barcode?
Junho 25Images on a computer screen are also called what?
Junho 26Errors in computer code are collectively called what?
Junho 27What type of data is NTP protocol used to retrieve?
Junho 28A virtual classroom is an example of what?
Junho 29What type of screen has the darkest black levels?
Junho 30Machine learning is a subset of what technology?