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Julho 1What type of program uses false error messages to lure users into purchasing it?
Julho 2What does VoIP enable?
Julho 3What does it mean when a video goes viral?
Julho 4What is another name for a boot disk?
Julho 5A touchpad functions as an alternative to what device?
Julho 6HTML and CSS are languages primarily associated with what industry?
Julho 7What is the primary purpose of a bridge in networking?
Julho 8What term describes web address that contains keywords similar to a page title?
Julho 9Which of the following is considered a brute force attack?
Julho 10A vector is comprised of direction and which other attribute?
Julho 11Which of the following components might have a CISC architecture?
Julho 12To which of the following hardware components does "memory" refer?
Julho 13What is Microsoft's productivity software suite called?
Julho 14Four bits is equal to how many nybbles?
Julho 15El Capitan and Yosemite were versions of which operating system?
Julho 16A .BAT file in Windows is short for what?
Julho 17Which of the following statements about BIOS is false?
Julho 18A Unix program that is constantly running is also called what?
Julho 19What is the typical communication range of an NFC device?
Julho 20What does an Ultrabook NOT have?
Julho 21Inkjet and laser are two types of what?
Julho 22What is an example of software tweaking?
Julho 23What is the standard term for an alternative user interface with a dark background?
Julho 24What IP address format does IPv6 use?
Julho 25What does the "e" stand for in eGPU?
Julho 26Which of the following is not a protocol?
Julho 27Which of the following data structures has a root node at the top?
Julho 28Which language is designed to enable parallel processing?
Julho 29What type of document might include an iframe?
Julho 30What name identifies a device on a network?
Julho 31The Trash is to macOS as the ____ is to Windows?